Semi Private Training  (2-3 maximum) is also a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals.  This also focuses on functional movements to target all the major muscle groups and give you a good workout.

Our Semi-Private Training Program is designed to make your workouts fun and more affordable. You can work out with your friends, family, or join one of our already existing semi-private training groups.  You can form your own group, or let us match you with others that have compatible fitness levels and goals.  Either way you will be surrounded by supportive people with similar goals to yours who will help motivate you to continue to do better.

With semi-private personal training, you get the best of two great worlds. Our Semi-private training programs offer you same personal attention, accountability and enjoying the camaraderie of a workout buddy or two. You are less likely to miss sessions and more likely to stick with your program if you have a buddy waiting for you at the studio.