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Client Testimony 1

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Though I hate to exercise, I actually look forward to my workout sessions with MJ!

MJ is a delight to be around; she is positive, energetic, fun and always encouraging. She will push you but not beyond what she feels you can do.

At the beginning of my first session, MJ wanted to know my personal goals, and she had me do a few exercises to evaluate my level of fitness . With this in mind my training began.

With her background in kinesiology MJ has extensive knowledge of the body and how it moves. She demonstrates the correct way to do each

exercise and makes sure I do it correctly. MJ is always aware of what’s going on with the muscles and the joints. When something is not working well during an exercise, she is able to tell me what to do to in order to eliminate the problem.

There is always variety in the workout sessions which definitely keeps me focused rather than bored !

The added plus to the experience is the environment. The studio itself welcomes you. It is perfect for private or small group workouts. There are no machines. Mj uses balls, bands and weights that the body utilizes to stretch and strengthen itself. And there is music of course.

Music always motivates even the most sluggish to MOVE with energy! So MJ tailors the music to the taste of each client, whether it be ‘80s, 90’s, jazz, country western.

Daphne Beneke

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